The Witt Catalogue, Taxonomic Atlas series

Mission of the Witt catalogue series

The evergreen complaint of both professional and non-professional entomologists is that they have simply no time and opportunity to trace the everyday changes in the literature and follow the continous increasing of the known fauna. Species described in scientific journals and books are often difficult to access and/or not affordable at all. Comprehensive literature (like the Seitz series of the early 20th century) covering large biogeographic regions became rather out of date or simple missing. Since than not only the number of species described increased significantly but also the techniques and standards in Lepidopterology improved so much that the publication of a new comprehensive series has became indispensable:

  • carry out the taxonomic revisions of all groups of the giant superfamily Noctuoidea, covering a considerable part of the Old World fauna (Eurasia and temperate North Africa);
  • summarise and revise the morpho-taxonomic information available;
  • provide an update biogeography of Noctuoidea;
  • publish these informations on a very high standard at an affordable price.


Chief Editors
Witt, Thomas J. (Museum Witt, Munich, Germany)

Varga, Zoltán (Debrecen University, Debrecen, Hungary)

Editorial Board
László, M. Gyula (Budapest, Hungary)
Peregovits, László (Nagykovácsi, Hungary)
Ronkay, Gábor (Budapest, Hungary)
Ronkay, László (Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary)
Yela, José Luis (University Castilla La Mancha, Toledo, Spain)
Zilli, Alberto (Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom)

 The Witt Catalogie series is planned to comprise ca 60 volumes.

Volume status of the Witt catalogue


Under preparation

  • Orthosiini I. (Orthosia-Anorthoa-Perigrapha-Harutaeographa)
  • Orthosiini II. (the Egira generix complex; the Panolis-Pseudopanolis line)
  • Xylenini II. (Conistra-Elwesia-Owadaglaea-Hemiglaea-Rhynchaglaea)
  • Xylenini III. (Xylena, Lithomoia, Eupsilia, Orbona, Lithophane, Dryobotodes, Dichonia, Scotochrosta, Plantea etc.)
  • Xylenini IV. (Nyctycia and its relatives; the Himalistra-Estagrotis-Altipolia line)
  • Xylenini V. (Daseuplexia, Potnyctycia, etc.)
  • Dasypolia
  • Xestia 1-3
  • Diarsia
  • Catocala
  • Hermonassa

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