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Ronkay, L., Ronkay, G. & Landry, B. 2024. The Plante Noctuidae Collection. Part 3. Amphipyrinae, Psaphidinae, Cuculliinae, Oncocnemidinae, Acontiinae, Pantheinae, Dyopsinae, Raphiinae, Acronictinae, Bryophilinae, Heliothinae, Condicinae and Xyleninae. Complete checklist and new taxa. Heterocera Press, Budapest. 275 pp. ISBN 978-615-5279-12-6




Heterocera Press Natural History Book Publisher and Researcher Ltd. was established in 2008 with the aim to produce high standard publications devoted to the taxonomy, zoogeography and faunistics of Lepidoptera, especially such Heteroceran groups as Noctuidae, Erebidae and Nolidae.

 The publications of Heterocera Press are based on thorough revisional studies and researches made by renowned specialists in close co-operation with important museums and private collections all over the world.

The first and main series of Heterocera Press, the Witt Catalogue - A Taxonomic Atlas of Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea is the first large enterprise after the famous Seitz series which covers the vast area from the Canary Islands throughout the Palaearctic North Africa, Europe and all parts the continental Asia towards eastern Indonesia.

The recently launched book series, the Fibigeriana, is devoted to publish the fundamental achievements of the so-called traditional lepidopterology. One of the major aims and important missions of the Heterocera Press by launching Fibigeriana series is to publish the taxonomically revised historical Lepidoptera collections preserved in state of private museums.
The newest series Fibigeriana Supplement is established for promoting the development of the taxonomic, morphological and biogeographical researches on Lepidoptera. The Fibigeriana Supplement series is in fact a periodical scientific journal published in book format on yearly base. 


Label photos of specimens illustrated in FIBIGERIANA Vol. 1.