Fibigeriana Volume 4 - The Vartian Collection Part IV.

The fourth part of the Vartian catalogue comprises the complete checklist of the Geometridae taxa collected in North Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Southern Central Asia and the Western Himalayas, with reference to the numbers and countries of origin of the specimens at each taxon; the specimens are illustrated in 87 colour plates introducing not fewer than 1353 species-group taxa collected in altogether 52 countries. Besides the exhaustive collection checklist, the book contains a complete list of the Geometridae type material of the Vartian Collection as well as description of seven new species along with the associated black and white genitalia figures.


The fourth volume of the FIBIGERIANA book series is meant to be serving as a suppletory identification guide to the Geometridae fauna of the Western Palaearctic zoogeographical region. The book is warmly recommended to all amateur and professional Geometridae enthusiasts.


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