Catalogue of the Jacques Plante Noctuidae Collection (Noctuinae and Hadeninae)

The Heterocera Press are delighted to announce that the first volume of the Catalogue of the Jacques Plante Noctuidae Collection (Noctuinae and Hadeninae) has been published.

Jacques Plante (1920-2003) achieved outstanding success both as song writer and noctuid expert. Through his collecting efforts and acquisitions Jacques Plante built the largest private collection of Noctuidae of the Palearctic and Oriental regions of the late 20th century. Now housed in the “Muséum d’histoire naturelle”, in Geneva, Switzerland, Jacques Plante’s Lepidoptera collections include 62,688 specimens of Noctuidae, for which the Noctuinae and Hadeninae species are presented here in the first volume of the two planned to showcase this collection. A biography of Jacques Plante written by François Aulombard and Philippe Lopes Curval is presented in both French and English. This is followed by a list of J. Plante’s scientific publications and a list of the taxa that he described. A complete check list of the species of Noctuinae and Hadeninae of the collection follows, along with a chapter dedicated to the descriptions of 4 new genera, 21 new species and 21 new subspecies of Noctuinae and Hadeninae discovered in the collection. In addition, 147 colour plates illustrate more than 3000 specimens representing all of the species of Noctuinae and Hadeninae found in the collection, and 54 plates in black and white illustrate the genitalia of dissected specimens.

This book will be an essential addition to the library of all professional and advocated lepidopterists interested in the astounding diversity of Noctuidae moths of the Old World.

The price of the book is, similarly to the Vartian Collection Catalogue, Vol. 1, 115,5 EUR including VAT, subscribers are subject to the usual 10% discount. For EU VAT registered subscribers the purchase is VAT-free. For the mailing and packaging of one copy we charge 15 EUR within the EU.