Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. Erebidae I. - The Witt Catalogue, Volume 7.

Ronkay, L., Ronkay, G., Gyulai, P. & Varga, Z. (2014): Erebidae I. Autophila and Apopestes. A Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. Volume 7. 281 pp. ISBN 978-615-5279-03-4


The 7th volume of the Taxonomic Atlas series is the first item dealing with the family Erebidae, providing the revised taxonomy of the rather difficult, Trans-Palaearctic, typically xeromontane-eremic genera Autophila Hübner, [1823] and Apopestes Hübner, [1823].


 The new volume contains 85 text pages with the latest taxonomic information, full synonymy and effective diagnoses of all known 110 taxa of Autophila and Apopestes, in addition the description of a new genus Apopautophila. The 7th volume includes the descriptions of 6 new species and 9 new subspecies of the above mentioned genera.

The volume is illustrated with 27 colour plates of high quality magnified photos displaying all taxa included and with 21 colour plates showing the variation of each taxon in natural size. The genitalia of all species and subspecies are figured on 110 black and white plates. The whole book counts altogether 281 pages.


The high quality printed new book is very useful for taxonomists, libraries of scientific institutes and professional amateur collectors, as well as for those naturalists who are interested in the true biodiversity of both the Eurasian Fauna and the nocturnal lepidopterans.


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