A Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. Cuculliinae II. and Psaphidinae – The Witt Catalogue, Volume 5.

The 5th volume of the Catalogue provides a revised taxonomic content of the following Eurasian and North African genera: Shargacucullia Ronkay & Ronkay, 1992; Psaphida Walker, 1865; Taipsaphida Ronkay & Ronkay 2000; Fansipania Ronkay, Ronkay, Gyulai & Hacker, 2010; Brachionycha Hübner [1819]; Asteroscopus Boisduval, 1828; Ostheldera Nye, 1975; Sirioba Nye, 1975; Copitype Hampson, 1906; Himalaea Hreblay & Ronkay, 1998; Valeria Stephens, 1829; Flexivaleria gen.n.; Meganephria Hübner, [1820]; Belosticta Butler, 1879; Allomeganephria Ronkay, Ronkay, Gyulai & Hacker, 2010; Benedekia Ronkay, Ronkay, Gyulai & Hacker, 2010; Allophyes Tams, 1942; Atakterges Ronkay, 2000; Speidelia Ronkay, 2000; Xylocampa Guenée, 1837; Feralia Grote, 1874; Daseochaeta Warren, [1907]; Lamprosticta Hübner, [1820]; Valerietta Draudt, 1938; Beshkovietta Ronkay, Ronkay, Gyulai & Hacker, 2010.


 The 5th Volume contains 137 text pages with the latest taxonomic information, full synonymy and effective diagnoses of all known Palaearctic and Oriental taxa of the above-mentioned genera. 1 new genus, 11 new subgenera, 12 new species and 10 new subspecies are described in the book. The volume is illustrated with 38 colour plates of high quality magnified photos displaying all taxa included and with 22 colour plates showing the variation of each taxon in natural size. The genitalia of all species and subspecies are shown in 148 black and white plates. The whole book counts altogether 380 pages.


The high quality printed new book is very useful for both the taxonomists, libraries of scientific institutes and professional amateur collectors, as well as for those naturalists who are interested in the true biodiversity of both the Eurasian Fauna and the nocturnal lepidopterans.