Catalogue of the Jacques Plante Noctuidae Collection III

The Heterocera Press Ltd proudly announces the third, last item of the Catalogue of the Plante Noctuidae Collection published as a supplement volume of the Mémoires de la Société de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Genève, Volume 49 (3). The Jacques Plante Noctuidae Collection is highly important for the fauna of the western Himalayan region, Nepal and Bengal, but also contains very rich material from the Atlas Mountains, Asia Minor, Iran, Afghanistan, southern Tibet, northern Indochina, Japan, and Taiwan, and also from the Sundaland and the Wallacea.

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The third volume of the series includes the list of 2299 species and subspecies of 535 genera and subgenera belonging to 13 subfamilies based on the investigations of ca 30,000 specimens. There are only a few new genera and subgenera described in the book as new for the science but we have to declare again that the forthcoming revisions of several genera will produce a considerable increase of the actually unrecognised and undescribed taxa even within these parts of the Plante Collection. Our intention is, similarly to the volume 1, to illustrate all distinguishable taxa and show the pattern and colour variations in the given species and subspecies represented in the collection. We believe the 170 colour plates spectacularly demonstrate again the richness of the collection, as well as the extraordinary diversity in the 13 noctuid subfamilies mentioned in the title of the volume.


Ronkay, L., Ronkay, G. & Landry, B. 2024. The Plante Noctuidae Collection. Part 3. Amphipyrinae, Psaphidinae, Cuculliinae, Oncocnemidinae, Acontiinae, Pantheinae, Dyopsinae, Raphiinae, Acronictinae, Bryophilinae, Heliothinae, Condicinae and Xyleninae. Complete checklist and new taxa. Heterocera Press, Budapest. 275 pp. ISBN 978-615-5279-12-6


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